joohaannabrodin: Way is not zac in the boyband project any more? 

I said:

Personal reasons. He’s doing what’s best for him now. 

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So sadly the remaining boys of the Boyband Project have left the group, thus ending BBP. Nael says he’s looking for new members but everyone knows it’s not the “Boyband Project” with new members.

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taylororr12: Is zac really not in the group anymore?? 

I said:

Unfortunately yes. But he’s doing what’s best for him.

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Even though Zac is no longer in the Boyband Project I’m gonna keep this tumblr the way it is. I will make slight changes to the pages but that’s it. He will always be a part of BBP in our hearts.

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rrickyfitness: Bbp actually performed at my school today, gotta admit im kind of a fan now lol 

I said:

That’s fantastic! I’m glad you enjoyed watching the boys perform.


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lazos-y-beanies: what's the name of the fandom? :) 

I said:


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Nick Dean in “Find That Girl”
An edit I made of Zac Mann. (Yes it’s my edit)
4everprojectorr: Hi.. I'm kinda new to this fandom.. I was just wondering if you knew (individually) we're they're from, (I know where nick and levi are from, but that's it), if they have any siblings & pets, and what instruments they play? (Sorry to sound kind of stupid or whatever) 

I said:

Zac is from Indiana, Mathias is from Washington, and I don’t know where Brandon is from.

Brandon has an older sister named Janelle (Whose age I don’t know but her birthday was not too long ago), an older brother named Alex who is 19, and a younger brother named Cameron who is 17. Nick has a sister named Emma. (I don’t know if she’s younger or older but I believe she’s older) Zac has a younger brother named Nic (who I think is 13.) Mathias has a younger sister named Brittney who is 16. 

Levi has a dog named Disney and Zac has some little dogs (terriers I think) but I don’t know too much about them. I don’t know if any of the other members have pets.

Levi plays guitar and I’ve heard he plays piano too. Mathias also plays guitar and piano. Zac also plays guitar and piano and Nick plays guitar. (Though he might play piano too, I don’t know.)

I hope that clears some things up for you. There’s also a FAQ page with more info on the boys if you wanna check that out. 


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Zac and Levi dancing on the set of the “Find That Girl” video shoot.